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Paging Kool


Open Source And Me :)

Today, I realy realy feel that open source it’s platform that in future, I can develop. So, with android when I pracice with it and with the current knowledge (only two year at Hoa Sen University) I can write these Application … 🙂 may be that application make you funny. Usually, I go to site to view the projects that everyone share, I try read, read and type again code in a few in that project, I studied from these code very much, for example : the way set up a name for variable(constant-final), and set up for function name, it much easy to remember or these step I can download a file from internet …realy helpfull. I can find out everything what I want with open source, I love mobile, I love android. and final, say again … No grammar of english in my blog. I’m beginning with english. I