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Broadcast Receiver

Come back write a few post for blog, very funy, too. In this post, I want talk about Broadcast Receiver, It’s one in main components in android. When you working with one,you can more understand about Broadcast Receiver, when we use Broadcast Receiver? and anwser is using Broadcast Receiver when you want notify to user a message to they are known what ‘s happen in their mobile. for example: notify to user when mobile have a new calling, finish System stating ..vvv..vv (no grammar in my blog :)))
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Working SQLite – Android

Hi All,
Tomorow, I have a report very funy and topic is Connect database with mobile platform. I feel that, database not strong point with me but in this small report I only talk about these proplem very basic to you can be working with sqlite the best easy. I has been write a small project to demo and help you (can be biginer with android) more understand about code and the way that android work with Sqlite.ok
Download source code at here
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New Product

Calculator !!!
In this semester, My group have use Android OS to build a calculator. In this project, we don’t use these data type that avariable in java language that we use floating-point and a few technical about BigInt. And here, 10% of work have been complete. Working with mobile platform realy funing … 🙂


val[33] =2
sum[33] =24691357824691357824691359313122469135782469135782469135931312
val[32] =5
sum[32] =61728394561728394561728398282806172839456172839456172839828280
val[31] =4
sum[31] =49382715649382715649382718626244938271564938271564938271862624
val[30] =6
sum[30] =74074073474074073474074077939367407407347407407347407407793936
val[29] =5
sum[29] =61728394561728394561728398282806172839456172839456172839828280
val[28] =6
sum[28] =74074073474074073474074077939367407407347407407347407407793936
val[27] =5
sum[27] =61728394561728394561728398282806172839456172839456172839828280
val[26] =6
sum[26] =74074073474074073474074077939367407407347407407347407407793936
val[25] =9
sum[25] =111111110211111110211111116909051111111021111111021111111690904
val[24] =7
sum[24] =86419752386419752386419757595928641975238641975238641975759592
val[23] =6
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